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Neodecanoate, bismuth (Bi new dodecanoic acid)

CAS NO. : 34364-26-6
Molecular Formula :


Molecular Weight : 722.75
Molecular Graph :  
Specifications : Appearance: Clear, amber liquid
Bismuth content: 16 to 20%
Gardner Color: 7-8
Hydroxyl value: MGKOH / g 177
Boiling point: 256.2 ° C at760mmHg
Density: 1.145g / mLat 25 ° C (lit.)
Refractive index: n20 / D1.479 (lit.)
Specific gravity: 25 ℃ 1.22
Flash Point: 158 ℃ PMCC
Water-soluble: insoluble in water
Viscosity: at 22 ℃ / 130 ℃ 11,400 / 415 mPa · s
Vapor pressure: at 21 ℃ / 54 ℃ mmHG 1.3 / 4.5
Performance and features:
New Kwai bismuth catalyst referred to organic bismuth catalyst is an efficient and environmentally friendly gel catalyst, solvent-free, without any anti-oxidants, the reaction between molecular initial reaction at lower levels, the delayed viscosity. Late promote the reaction is complete. In the urethane reaction system, microcellular elastomers, and high-density semi-rigid system, have succeeded in enhancing the stability of the reaction system, as compared with other catalysts, have low cost, easy handling, short induction period, the viscosity gradually increased, for Selective catalytic NCO groups better, finished no bubbles, better mechanical properties. Low toxicity and low-level radioactive and other advantages. Product characteristics, low freezing point, easy to operate. Low volatility and low odor or odorless. Organotin catalyst can be improved with the combination of stability within the normal range of humidity and atmosphere system. Compatible with the polyurethane reaction system, polyether elastomer system, and the resin prepolymer catalyst body system.
Purposes: organic bismuth catalyst slurry can be used in polyurethane synthetic leather, coatings, adhesives, sealants, glues runway, elastomers and foams and other products. It can also be used for environmental protection, hydrolytic stability required in the industry. The catalyst can be used at room temperature / heat curing system.
Packing: 25KG / barrel, 50KG / barrel
Organic bismuth catalyst, stored in a dry and cool areas and proper ventilation. Fasten the original package as soon as possible after the package lid open to prevent mixed with water and other substances which affect product performance.


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